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Budgeting Made Better with Neon Flex

8th April 2021

Budgeting Made Better with Neon Flex

Recently here at The Sign Group we have dedicated more attention and resources towards Neon Flex signage, a product which we have been producing for years, but never really pushed it too its limits in terms of marketing, with it being a more budget friendly option. As our Director, Grey told ISA, “We’ve made and supplied neon flex signs for years, and in quite reasonable volumes, but the need for it has always been very seasonal, almost an ‘all or nothing’ scenario so we’ve never fully set aside space for manufacturing year-round.”

The main factor in our decision to make a change was the national lockdowns, as we saw since March that demand for neon flex signs grew exponentially. We knew we could be producing these signs to the highest quality at brilliant prices to the trade. They had been largely imported from China by businesses up to this point. Quality wasn’t guaranteed and lead times were long. Due to our success, we have planned to upgrade the workshop with a new mezzanine floor completely dedicated to producing our flex signs. This will allow us to increase production significantly. We could be producing upwards of “500 flex signs per week by THIS summer.” Now we are putting more focus on flex signs we think we could work with a wider range of people within the trade as sometimes a more budget friendly option is what their clients are after. Our reputation in the sign industry should be enough to vouch for the quality of these flex signs, we want to show people that our flex, although being a budget option, we will not be beaten on value for money by competitors.

Below will be a few images of finished Flex signage we have done; the quality speaks for itself:


Adding this branch to our manufacture has allowed us to work with a wider range of within the trade, meaning we create more great signs for more great people.

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