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Illuminated signage is a very broad term which covers lots of areas from simple sign trays to faux neon. Generally speaking it’s any sign that has some form of internal illumination.

All our illumination is provided by LEDs for efficiency and longevity. They can also be mixed with flasher units, RGB controllers and DMX programs for endless possibilities.


Want Neon? Think NeonPlus®.

Our specialist subject. We were the first UK company to develop a product like this and we remain the market leader to this day. Faux neon at its very best!

Long lasting, colourful, practical. A high end product that will keep your name in lights for years to come, and it’s more economical than traditional neon!!

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Face Lit Letters

Just as the name implies! LEDs are mounted inside the letter/shape and fit in a specific manner to illuminate the face perfectly.

Any shape, any colour, any size, these will usually have a metal return to a specified depth, an acrylic face and a solid back that can be from metal or foamex.

Colours can be matched to branding
Internal & External use
Can be flush mounted to walls & trays, raised on locators or supplied with threaded studs
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The Sign Group built up letters

Halo Lit Letters

These are built similar to the Face Lit Letters except the face is usually solid metal or acrylic, and the backing would be clear polycarbonate. The LEDs would be mounted to the inside of the face pointing backwards to allow light to exit out of the back of the letter/shape.

Colours can be matched to branding
Internal & External use
Can be raised on locators or supplied with threaded studs
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Face & Halo Lit Letters

The perfect mix of face and halo illumination can be a striking result. These are built the same as the other illuminated built ups yet the face would be acrylic and the back will be from clear polycarbonate. This allows light out of the face and backing. The face illumination doesn’t need to be the same colour as the halo, you can pick and choose what you want.

Colours can be matched to branding
Internal & External use
Can be raised on locators or supplied with threaded studs
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Does exactly as it says on the tin, a box of light!

With all the options in the world for materials and colours available, the main point of the lightbox is to look great through the day and even better at night.

LEDs fitted internally allow hundreds of options as to how to illuminate the sign, no two boxes ever need to be the same. Let your creativity go wild.

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Looking for custom, eye-catching illuminated signs? We've got you covered!

We craft one-of-a-kind creations from any materials you can think of and give them a unique twist. We're known for our outside-the-box thinking and we absolutely adore diving into new challenges.

Turning your ideas into reality? That's our bread and butter!

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Neonplus faux neon on canvas


Our own version of illuminated lightsheet is the brightest on the market!

Made form 10mm clear acrylic with edgelit LEDs fixed to the edges, these are used inside slimine flex face lightboxes, or very slim standard lightboxes. The can also be used as point of sale in museums, under desk units, and can be portable using our battery system.

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To enhance all the signage we manufacture, we have a trade website for all the lighting components we use on our signs.

Visit weloveleds.co.uk

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Founded over 20 years ago, The Sign Group is an expert manufacturer, well respected within the industry it serves.

We work closely with our partners in the sign and display trades to deliver high quality innovative products, making us the number 1 for bespoke trade signs.

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