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Cutting letters & shapes in any material with a laser cutter, or CNC machine.
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Component Cutting

Not something we’ve offered for a very long time, we now offer a component cutting service. You can supply the material if you prefer, and we will just charge for cutting, or we can sort the job lot for you.

There a various levels of how finished or completed the pieces can be supplied to you, all your choice. Ie: We can remove routing tabs, or add locators, or paint etc…

Equally we are happy just to cut the material for you and let you finish the job to your spec.

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Whether you need deep engraving in woods or foamex, or you need the weight to be reduced on a heavy piece of acrylic, we can mill the area away to achieve what you want. We can also skim materials to a desired thickness if necessary.

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Cut from budget materials for the quick job, or more durable materials for repeat work, stencils can be CNC or lasercut for you or your customer to use as paint stencils.

These can be used for floor markings, packaging on boxes or interior design on walls, ceilings and windows etc.

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Delivering for
the trade time
and time again

We have three 3m x 2m CNC Routers, One 2.5m x 1.5m CO2 laser cutter, a 2m x 1.2m Fibre Laser, with welding and soldering options to enhance the service.

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