Metal Sign Frames

A great way of holding individual elements of a sign together.
Aluminium sign frame
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Keeping signs strong and stable

Metal sign frames are a great way of holding individual elements of a sign together, keeping it strong and easier for fitting. They also give somewhere for the wiring to be hidden.

The frames can be big and robust, or small and delicate depending the job in hand.

Boxed Section Frames

Aluminium and steel are the most popular materials used for these types of frames.

Aluminium is generally used where weight is a factor, and needs to be kept to a minimum.

Steel is used for strength or effect. You can get away with a smaller gauge and size of box section in steel, and it’s also stronger than aluminium.

Both can be sprayed or powder coated. Steel can be aged very much like the built up letters can be.

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Ali frame faux neon

Cold Rolled Steel

These types of frames are usually smaller frames made from solid flat bar, welded or soldered together. Commonly used for holding Neonplus® letters and shapes, they give a really gritty/industrial finish that can’t be created any other way.

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Cold rolled steel frame rolled steel

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