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We’re already known for the industry-leading brand of neon acrylic, Neonplus®, however in some cases your customers may not have the budget for the premium product, so a more economical alternative is required. This is where our neon flex signs are the perfect solution.

We stock 6mm & 8mm ultra flexible neon flex in 10 different colours, RGB and pixel.

Typically supplied bonded to a 5mm acrylic full backing panel, or contour cut to shape, these signs are perfect for restaurants, cafes, home decoration, social accounts and many other places.As standard the signs are supplied pre-wired, including any dimmers or controllers needed, all ready to plug and play!

(If you would prefer to hard wire the sign we can supply it with suitable power supplies and the applicable cables.)

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With a dedicated department of 12 people solely working on neon flex signs, we’re confident in saying we’re the largest manufacture of this type of sign in the UK, producing 100-200 signs p/week.

With lead times from as quick as 1-2 weeks, we can’t be beaten on quality, and we won’t be beaten on price.

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