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How to rejuvenate your current signage

9th February 2017

How to rejuvenate your current signage

The signage industry supports change, updating your signage can attract new customers to your business and make you more desirable. Whether your customers are thinking of a total rebrand of their signage or just rejuvenating existing signs, The Sign Group have the solution for you.


Rebranding is an ideal way to keep a company fresh. Whilst it’s potentially expensive where a lot of materials are being changed, a well-executed rebrand can help to boost sales, not just recouping costs but increasing revenue.

Changing a visual identity will shape the way your client’s brand is seen, ensuring the quality of their signage falls in line with this change at the highest quality is essential in a rebrand.

Co-op Rebrand Signage
The Co-op is just one of many brands leading a branding redesign revolution, reverting back to a version of their original cloverleaf logo, first used in 1968. Google has also updated their logo font to ensure a distinctive and uniform voice across the brand. Rebranding can range from a complete change in name and logo or a more subtle adaptation of messaging to better communicate with more relevant customers.

Changing a business’ image means your clients will have to consider updating their current signage to fit in line with the new brand. Whether they’re looking for a full rebrand or simply an adaptation of fonts and colour shades, our experts will be on hand to help you deliver the signs that work for them.

Updating current signage

Keeping signage up to date and in good condition is important in keeping a business image fresh. The signs outside your clients’ businesses represent their brand and attract their customers, whilst also representing you as a signmaker or shopfitter. Keeping these signs in a good condition will reflect well on both yours and your client’s brand image. At The Sign Group, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality signage which will stand the test of time.

Adding to your signage collection

Sign Group Additional Signage

Sometimes rejuvenating the look of a business doesn’t mean replacing existing signs, but adding newer ones to complement them. NeonPlus® offers a diverse product range which can fit any brief. Extra signs throughout a shop can guide customers around the store and improve the customer experience, attracting them to great deals and offers and helping to increase revenue.

Overall, rebranding and replacing signage can be a great way to increase brand awareness and profitability. Whether it’s a large scale rebrand of your client’s signs or just a couple of additions to their existing collection, we strive to ensure the highest quality in every sign. Speak to one of our experts today to find out how we can help your clients!