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How To Find Time To Exercise

15th July 2016

How To Find Time To Exercise


Making the time to exercise rather than finding the time to exercise is the right attitude towards keeping fit on a busy schedule. Exercising doesn’t actually take up that much time – a one hour workout is about 4% of your day, so really there isn’t an excuse. But it doesn’t feel that way when we all have jobs, families, friends and other things to take care of.

At The Sign Group we work very hard on producing high quality signs and believe in a healthy work-life balance so an active lifestyle happens naturally. How do we do it? Here’s our tips on how to find time to exercise…


Pick exercises you can do anywhere

There are so many exercises you can do almost anywhere – including at your desk, at home, on your commute, in the park or even in the shower. This includes interval running, yoga, pilates, free weights, cardio and more. Simple exercises can often be the most effective – they require minimal effort and can become an automatic part of your day (call it muscle memory, if you will!). For example, biking to work and back can be one workout in itself and then going for a jog or a brisk walk during your lunch hour can count as another workout – that’s two in one day!

Hammer your routine

Making a habit of exercise isn’t as hard as it sounds. A little bit of pre-planning can go a long way. Including exercise as part of your daily routine is a great way to condition both your body and brain for a daily burst of activity rather than feeling sluggish.

Be an early bird

We know this is a horrible thing to say to those of you who aren’t natural morning people, but simply reminding yourself to exercise in the morning means you can cross it off your list straight away and spend your free time after work for yourself.

Don’t turn off the TV

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to switch off the box to focus on exercise. In fact, it’s better to leave the TV on when you’re working out. The TV is a distraction which can speed up time so if you aimed to workout for half an hour, you may find you exercised for an hour instead! If you have a regular show you watch then you could even use this as a timer. Or, if you’re a beginner to exercise, you can use the adverts as time to exercise and use the TV programmes as your resting time.

Now it’s time to exercise your right to incredible neon signs – start a revolution with The Sign Group today!