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Neon Sign Makers News: NeonPlus® avoids potential mercury ban

8th July 2016

Neon Sign Makers News: NeonPlus® avoids potential mercury ban

The use of mercury, one of the key elements of neon lighting, could be restricted by 2020 according to the Minamata Convention of Mercury.


The seventh negotiating session took place in March this year in Jordan and the official factsheet has now been released. The Global Environment Facility expressed its full support to the Mercury Convention, which aims to limit the amount of mercury humans and the environment are exposed to.

Reducing the use of mercury in manufacturing processes involves phasing out 360 tonnes of it and using sustainable alternatives. The report mentions that in Belarus work has already started on collecting, recycling and replacing mercury fluorescent lamps with LED bulbs.

Luckily, at The Sign Group, we’re always thinking two steps ahead. Recently, we invented an eco-friendly alternative to neon – NeonPlus® and we sell environmentally friendly LED filament bulbs at We Love LEDs.

The British Sign and Graphics Association (BGSA) negotiated against the ban so neon sign makers and artists can carry on using up to 80 mg of mercury in their projects. Neon sign makers are also arguing that the safety measures for use of mercury in neon signs are strict including the standard BS EN 50107-1 and the IET wiring regulations.

Let’s hope everyone can come to an agreement soon!

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