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Neon in Numbers

8th June 2016

Neon in Numbers

As you know, we’re the proud inventors of NeonPlus – a revolutionary and greener alternative to traditional neon. We thought you’d like to know a bit more about where neon came from, how it has evolved and what’s in store in the future. Here we present neon in numbers!

neon in numebrs

1898: The year neon is discovered by Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers, 2 British chemists.

10: The Atomic Number of neon

-246.1: The boiling point of neon in °C

-248.6: The melting point of neon in °C

0.0018: Percentage of the Earth’s atmosphere that is made up of neon

0.00089: Density of neon in grams

1910: The year Georges Claude first demonstrated neon as tube lighting at a Paris Motor Show

1912: The year Georges Claude’s associates started selling neon discharge tubes for use as advertising signs

1917: The year Daniel McFarlan Moore developed the miniature neon lamp

1919: The year the entrance Paris opera house was fitted with neon lighting

22 million: Sales in dollars of neon signage in 1939

1981: The Museum of Neon Art is founded in LA by Lili Lakich

2007: Plasma televisions are fitted with tiny neon glow lamps

2: The number of horses in the neon sculpture Zwei Pferde für Münster created by artist Stephan Huber

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