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NeonPlus is now a registered Trademark!

2nd November 2015

NeonPlus is now a registered Trademark!

We are delighted to announce that NeonPlus® has been confirmed as a registered trademark!


Securing a registered trademark is highly important if you want to protect your brand. If you own a business without a registered trademark, there is always a risk that your competitors may register your trademark or something similar, forcing you to rebrand. As a result this could damage your reputation and cause your business to suffer. Having a registered trademark means that you are within your rights to take action against any third parties who have attempted to sell goods or services using your brand name or logo.

Due to this exclusivity, registered trademarks significantly increase the value of a brand to potential purchasers. The R symbol next to a brand name is automatically associated with a higher level of legitimacy, proving you’re trustworthy to potential customers.

We are really excited about the benefits this will bring NeonPlus® in the near future! If you would like to find out more about what we offer, call our friendly team today on 0113 25 24 706.