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Introducing our dedicated SG LightSheet website

9th June 2015

Introducing our dedicated SG LightSheet website

Finally we would like to introduce our new website to show off our SG LightSheet® and SG LightShapes® to the masses.

We have been manufacturing these products for a few years, supplying them within the signs we sell as a complete unit.

More recently we have been asked to sell the components for the signs as more and more customer are trying to save money and do the final assembly themselves.

Because of this we decided we should be manufaturing them as a named product, which streamlines the manufacture and makes it much easier to quote for.

Due to the demand of both products we felt a simple website to inspire and a brochure to inform people would be the logical step, this was the best decision we have made for a long time, and we are thankfully very very busy. Keep it coming!!

Please send us all feedback on the products, good or bad (not too much bad hopefully)

We have some exciting new products using the SG LightShapes due in the new year, don’t miss out.