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We manufacture low cost, high quality neon flex signs for the sign and design trades. We’re already well known for our industry leading product Neonplus®, which is solid acrylic faux neon. However we understand that sometimes your customers haven’t got the budget for the premium product, therefore a more economical alternative is needed. Well, here it is!

neon flex coffee shop sign on table

We stock 6mm & 8mm ultra flexible neon flex in 9 different colours, RGB and pixel.

Typically supplied bonded to a 5mm acrylic full backing panel, or contour cut to shape,  these signs are perfect for restaurants, cafes, home decoration, social accounts and many other places.

The signs are supplied pre-wired, including any dimmers or controllers needed, all ready to plug and play!

Once manufactured and tested, they’re lovingly wrapped and ready to send out to you or direct to your client. All of our parcels are sent under blank cover, meaning our name isn’t anywhere on the parcel so you have the confidence of knowing that your customer won’t suspect you didn’t manufacture it yourself. We can even include your own branded delivery note if you’d prefer.

We use a simple formula per metre for pricing up jobs, so we can quote super fast!

Competition in the marketplace has never been as tight so help us to help you stand out for the right reasons.

With lead times from as quick as 1 week, we can’t be beaten on quality, and we won’t be beaten on price.

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fake neon sign with reflection