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Neon Trends For 2016

28th February 2016

Neon Trends For 2016

It seems neon lighting is growing popular by the day, so we thought we’d bring you the exclusive lowdown on the neon trends we predict for 2016…

Neon is retro

Neon signs for businesses such as bars and shops are seen as retro…and retro is cool, therefore neon is cool! Take a look at the 60 year old Lucozade sign scandal in London this year. People love neon, compared to bland digital advert boards – the glow of neon is much more pleasing to the eye.


Neon art

Artists such as Julia Bickerstaff from the UK and Joseph Kosuth from the USA are known for creating striking neon art installations. Pieces are crafted from a combination of neon, glass and various items such as books and plastics. Kosuth is famous for his incredible neon puzzle piece “Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed” (pictured above).Julia Bickerstaff herself states, “The aim is to keep the passion in Neon from Neon Signs to Neon Lighting and neon sculptures.”

Neon at home

Using neon around the home as an interior design feature is fast becoming popular. Love hearts, words, logos – anything can be designed as a neon sign. People are also using neon strip lighting in the corners of their home to create ambience.


Next generation neon

Sure, the colourless, odourless inert monatomic gas fondly known as neon was discovered at the turn of the 20th century. That doesn’t mean there’s no room for evolution. That’s where NeonPlus® makes its grand entrance. It’s easier to handle, easier to make and just amazing to look at. The best thing about NeonPlus® is…we invented it!
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