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Evolution Leads to Revolution

Over the years, we've built up a team of people with a wide range of expertise from within the sign industry. A healthy mix of experienced and enthusiastic staff has enabled us to push boundaries, not only in the products we produce, but in the way the company works. This proves itself when we show we’re not just following trends, we're the ones setting them!

John from The Sign Group

John McEntee

CNC and Workshop Tech

Who’s your favourite historical character?

Tony Yeboah

Lydia Wrightson

Lydia Wrightson

Production and Marketing

Name three of your favourite songs.

Favourite Game – The Cardigans
Say You’ll be there – The Spice Girls
Do I Wanna Know? – Artic Monkeys

Ryan from The Sign Group

Ryan Gomersal

LED Specialist

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Milana Vayntrub

Pat from The Sign Group

Pat Daborn


Which celebrity do you think is overrated?

Graham Norton

Gillian from The Sign Group

Gillian Hoole

LED Sales and Vinyl Specialist

Which celebrity do you think is underrated?

Paddy McGuinness

Albert from The Sign Group


The Energiser

What’s your favourite toy?

Woof Woof! Woof!… Woof!…Woof Woof? WOOF WOOF!!!!!!

(Plastic bottle! Plastic!…Bottle!…Plastic Bottle? PLASTIC BOTTLE!!!!!!)

Catherine from The Sign Group

Catherine Snowdon

LED Tech

What was your favourite childhood TV show?

Grange Hill

Graeme from The Sign Group

Graeme Hoole

Production and Technical

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Bungle from Rainbow

Harry from The Sign Group

Harry Price

Workshop Trainee

The price is right.

Fran from The Sign Group

Francis Dove

Workshop Foreman

What is your favourite book?

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson.

Boris the dog



What’s your favourite dog treat?



Anthony from The Sign Group

Anthony Lowe

Sales and Purchasing

What’s the most embarrassing song you like to listen to?

Mysterious Girl – Peter Andre

Martin from The Sign Group

Martin Wright


What was the first album you ever bought?

Dance Tip ‘95 Compilation

Karen from The Sign Group

Karen Hardy


If you ruled the world, what would you change first?

My outfit!

Jordon from The Sign Group

Jordan Lockwood

LED Tech

What is your favourite book?

Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix

Ian from The Sign Group

Ian Hoole

LED Sales and Finances

What was the first album you ever bought?

Pandora’s Box – Procol Harum

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2016 at The Sign Group

It was a busy one!


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