Tuesday 18th September
Fri 15:43

**DATE CHANGE** - Glimpse The unseen - We Are Archers - Fri 21st (Thurs 20th if poss)

Thu 13:40

Hi Bri, Not sure if you've got it yet, but we need some touch up paint collecting from WRA today/tomorrow, and there's polystyrene to collect tomorrow, i'm just waiting on confirmation for it. Thanks G

Wed 09:13

Hi Bri, Can you collect some letters from Ross Signs please. Then see Fran about timings for a delivery to Keighley today. Thanks G

Tue 08:32

Hi Bri, Can you come and see Fran. We need some grommets. Thanks

Mon 13:53

Hi Bri, Can you collect a couple of acrylic built ups from Ross Signs on WED Am please. They're testers for us, he knows what they are. Thanks G

Mon 08:13

Hi Bri, there's a delivery to Keighley at 9am. See Fran. Then we might need you to go up to the old place with Trevor after that. Again, speak with Fran and Anthony on this one. Thanks G

Fri 09:42

DATE CHANGE - Sign UK - Therapie Clinic - Fri 14th

Thu 12:23

Hi Bri, The stuff at the p/coaters is ready to collect. a frame and a table/bench. The bench wants to go into Mums room. The frame into the workshop. They're open till 3:30pm. Thanks G

Thu 09:14

Hi Bri, There's some frames to collect from PJ Coaters at 2pm and bring back here. Can you speak with Anthony as he's got the van at the mo and i think it needs emptying. There's the poly to collect too, but that can be tomorrow if needed. Thanks G

Wed 14:57

Hi Bri, There's polystyrene to collect tomorrow but you'll need to check with Anthony 1st to see if he needs the van. It can be collected Friday if needed. We're paying by bacs so you don't need a cheque. Thanks G

Wed 11:11

Hi Bri, Can you empty the ali bins please. Thanks G

Thu 13:56

Hi Bri, There are spare sheets of MDF that should have gone to Bristol Street Versa last Friday with the delivery. Can you come and take them down please. Thanks G

Wed 10:49

Hi Bri, Just a reminder about collecting the cupboard thing tonight at 7pm. Thanks G

Wed 10:48

Hi Bri, There's a delivery to: Nails Before Males,Unit A, Gate Farm Enterprise Park, Wettenhall Road, Poole, Nantwich, CW5 6AL. It will be ready by about 1pm. apx 1.5-2hrs away. See Fran. Thanks G

Tue 09:01

Hi Bri, Here's the details for the steel cabinet you're collecting: Juliara (Probably Julia) - 07908 566 854 - Apt 4 21b The Downs WA14 2QD. It's a red door inbetween "New Dilli" & "Prosecco" restaurants. 56miles. Can collect from 7pm Wednesday night. Shes getting someone to help carry it. Thanks G

Fri 13:09

Delivery to WRA too, this aft.

Fri 12:24

HI Bri, there's a del to Bristol St Versa at 2pm. Thanks G

Wed 12:56

Hi Bri, can you collect something from RS components please. I've given Fran the printed order, my card (in case they ask for it) and the part we're replacing. You'll need to collect them from us before you go to RS. Thanks G

Tue 10:39


Tue 10:38

Hi Bri, Hvae you still got that bit of material from Bristol Street Versa, or did you give them it back? Thanks G

Tue 09:22

Hi Bri, Delivery to WRA, See Fran. Steel to take to PC Fabs for welding. Wait while it;s done (Speak with john about it). Delivery to London on Thursday, see Fran. Can you do a starbucks run 1st please. Thanks G

Mon 11:32

Hi Bri, Can you collect a steel frame backing from here and take to PC Fabs for them to weld. They'll do it while you wait., Will only take 2 mins. See John for an explanation. Thanks

Thu 14:58

Hi Bri, Can you pick up a 15mm Sheet of 8' x 4' ply from Lawcris on Friday please. Already ordered. For Liam on Router. Thanks G

Thu 13:45

HI Bri, Can you collect some sanding discs from Cages tomorrow please. They're ready. Thanks G

Mon 13:27

Hi Bri, We have a delivery early doors tomorrow. Van to be loaded up tonight. Studioxag - London - E10 7QE . See Fran. Thanks G

Tue 15:09

Hi Bri, There's some sheets of styrene on the vinyl room behind the table. Can you bring the lot down here tomorrow please. If unsure, speak with Lydia. Thanks G

Tue 14:11

Hi Bri, Can you open the old place at 8m tomorrow please. Let Anthony know if you can't. Thanks G

Mon 16:06

Sorry, i remembered a few mins ago. No problem. Thanks G

Mon 15:55

Hi Bri, Can you be at my house for 8am tomorrow please. I need to put my settees in the van and bring down to work. Thanks G

Mon 15:54

Hi Bri, Can you collect some brackets from PC Fabs please. They're ready to collect. Thanks G

Mon 12:14

Hi Bri, Can you pick up 1no 9mm 8'x4' sheet of ply at some point today please. Doesn't matter where from. Can you give to Liam. Thanks G

Mon 11:02

Hi Bri, There's a ply delivery to bristol street versa if you haven't already done it. Thanks G

Mon 08:50

Can you pick up a new can from next door and bring down asap please. There's a del to Bristol Street Versa and then the collection for the poly that need doing a.s.a.p. Thanks G

Mon 08:23

HI Bri, We need that tin of White spray paint for the old place too please, Thanks G

Mon 07:53

Hi Bri, Just a reminder to collect the poly today./ Thanks G

Fri 13:28

Hi Bri, There's some plywood to deliver on Monday morning to Bristol St Versa. Thanks G

Fri 08:46

Hi Bri, there's also some projection signs that need collecting from PJ Coaters please. We do need these today i'm afraid. Thanks G

Fri 08:23

Hi Brian, Can you come and collect the Bristol street versa job for delivery please, and at the same time pick up 2 people from here (Jude + 1 from the workshop, see John about who). After BSV, can you meet Dad and Anthony at the old place to start bringing more stuff down please. Thanks G

Thu 15:34

Hi Bri, Can you deliver to Bristol Street Versa in the morning please. Thanks G

Thu 08:18

Hi Bri, Can you pick up 6x gang leads please. 4,5 or 6. All the same. They don't need long cables, 05.m or 1m is fine. Doesn't matter if it's longer. Thanks G

Wed 17:11

Hi Bri, Can i have my work card back tomorrow? i keep forgetting to ask. Thanks G

Wed 14:39

HI Bri, There's a del to Bristol Street Versa tomorrow morning. Thanks G

Wed 08:21

Hi Bri, Can you collect from WRA please. 'Hugh James'. Thanks G

Tue 17:07

Hi Bri, Can you get the TV and bracket from the old canteen tomorrow and bring down here for the canteen oplease. Thanks G

Tue 14:30

Hi Bri, there's full sheets of Poly to collect tomorrow please. We pay by BACS now so you don't need a sheet. Then there's poly squares to collect on Monday 6th. Thanks G

Tue 13:53

I've checked with Bristol St Versa and they're fine for tomorrow. Thanks G

Tue 13:06

Hi Bri, Can you deliver to Bristol Street Versa please. All ready. Thanks G

Tue 09:15

Also, we're setting up a computer in the coming weeks where Elaine & Connor sit so you have somewhere to come and do research or whatever inbetween deliveries. There's a network lead there. Thanks G

Tue 09:13

Hi Bri, Can you do a starbucks run this morning please. Cheers G

Fri 08:40

Hi Bri, The delivery for london will be Monday AM now. We'll need to load the van this aft, and you can setoff to be down there for 9:30am. They just want before 12, so if it's later that's not a problem. Thanks G