Friday 23rd February
Wed 12:46

Hi Bri, Can you collect again from WRA please. Thanks G

Wed 08:08

Hi Bri, Can you collect from WRA after 9am please. They might have a problem with the COS job, they're going to let you know when you turn up. Thanks G

Tue 10:33

Hi Bri, Can you collect a composite sheet from Blackburns Metals please. Collect from 11am. Need back a.s.a.p. Thanks G

Thu 15:36

Hi Bri, The delivery tomorrow wants to be there for 7:30am if possible. It's apx 4.5hrs away. Early start..... Thanks G

Wed 09:01

Hi Bri, MDF can be collected from Lawcris anytime this morning. Thanks

Wed 08:26

Hi Bri, Collection at PJ coaters at 12 please. Charlotte Tilbury frames. Thanks

Tue 13:28

Hi Bri, Foamex ready to go to Ashleighs as soon as you're back. Thanks G

Tue 09:39

**Address Change** - Pearce Signs - Natwest sample to be delivered to GeeTee themselves, NG7 7JN

Tue 08:18

Hi Bri, Delivery to Ashleighs around 9:15 ish. Then another delivery to Ashleighs around 11ish. After those, we have a delivery to WRA and a delivery to Bolton this afternoon. Thanks G

Mon 10:48

Blacks - Ted Baker & Plinths - The Plinths are confirmed and can be made as the existing artwork. Thanks

Mon 08:45

Hi Bri, Can you collect some sanding discs from Cages please. 9no boxes, already ordered. Thanks G

Fri 09:47

Hi Bri, We need some gas for the heat shrink gun. Can you come up and see John please. Thanks G

Wed 11:57

Hi Bri, Respray needs dropping of at WRA a.s.a.p please. See Fran. Thanks G

Wed 07:47

**Date Change - Red Bull - Thursday 8th - TOMORROW. As per Fran.**

Tue 08:12

Hi bri, Can you come up and see Fran please. Collection from WRA. Thanks G

Mon 07:48

Hi Bri, Can you come up for 9ish. Got a delivery to Pearce in Nottingham. Thanks G

Tue 14:31

Hi Bri, 1no sheet 3mm PVC to collect from Amari tomorrow 10am. Thanks G

Tue 07:54

**Both Routers getting serviced by Complete CNC on Thursday 8th**

Mon 09:06

Hi Bri, Can you collect some ali frames from PC Fabs please. These are ebing left unpainted so be careful with them. Thanks G

Fri 10:45

Hi Bri, Can you collect 4no frames from PJ Coaters please. Ref: Swan. Thanks G

Fri 08:42

Hi Bri, Delivery to Andy Thorntons early afternoon. Victoria Mills, Halifax, HX4 8AD - Ring Wes - 07904485458 - 01422327857 **You are collecting £60 at the same time please** Thanks G

Wed 16:18

This is a test to make sure SMS alerts are still working after the website migration.

Thu 17:28

Sign Rite - 40234 ***15mm Clear acrylic has been changed to 5mm clear***

Thu 17:28

Hi Bri, There's a sheet of composite to collect from Blackburns mid morning tomorrow. Thanks G

Thu 08:05

Hi Bri, Can you collect some letters from WRA this morning please. Ready to go. Thanks G

Wed 08:09

hi Bri, We have a delivery to Manchester toiday. It's ready to go but we're waiting on a delivery note from the customer. Will be some point this morning. I'll let you know when we have it. G

Tue 12:16

AL39901 - Swan - Pearce Signs / D.Day Monday 5th Feb

Tue 11:26

Hi Bri, Can you do a bucks run when you get back please. I'm not fussed for anything myself. Thanks G

Mon 08:50

Hi Bri, We have a delivery to Equinox, good to go . Thanks G

Tue 17:20

Hi bri, Can you collect a 3m x 2m sheet of acrylic from PDL at 10am please. It's for 3d Signs. Thanks G

Tue 16:33

Hi Bri, there's 2no acrylic circles to drop off at Ross signs by 9am in the morning. There's also a PSU to take at the same time, see Anthony about that. Thanks G

Tue 14:43

Hi bri, There will be some trays and a foamex panel to collect from WRA tomorrow. Speak with Anthony/Elaine about times as we need to check it;s ready before sending you down. Thanks

Tue 13:08

Hi Bri, We need some eyebolts collecting also, see Ryan. Thanks G

Tue 13:04

Hi Bri, Can you change a gas bottle for the heater please. Thanks G

Tue 09:50

The Sign Group - Hi all, next Thursday 18th we'll be taking individual photos of everyone for our new website. This is just a prewarning in case you want to wash beforehand :). Thanks Graeme

Mon 09:19

Hi Bri, Can you go hire one of those rocket heaters again for workshop please. Thanks G

Fri 09:09

Hi Bri, There's a few bits to collect from PJ Coaters. There's also some bare trays that need to go to WRA from there, but bring them back here 1st so we can look at them. Thanks G

Tue 14:38

Hi Bri, Anthonys just told me you're still ill. Hope you get better soon. Let me know if you're okay or not tomorrow and we'll sort something. Let us know if you need anything. Thanks G

Tue 14:36

Hi Bri, We have a frame for 'Carat' to collect from PC Fabs please to bring back here. Ready now. Plus, Anthony has some fuse wire we need for a fuse. Can you speak with him please. Thanks G

Fri 08:12

Hi bri, I'm just nipping home in the van, i'll be back for 9ish. Rocket heater to take back, and a pallet delivery to Bradford?? We're trying to be away for 12:30 so want you back here for the festivities. Thanks G

Wed 08:30

Hi Bri, WRA is ready to collect now. Thanks G

Wed 08:08

Hi Bri, Thurs AM can you collect from WRA. Thanks G

Wed 08:07

Hi Bri, We have a del to Ross Signs at 10am, and collection from PJs at 11am. Thanks G

Tue 15:33

Hi Bri, WRA to collect the laquered steel on Thursday morning. I'll need to give you £70 cash. Thanks G

Tue 12:20

Hi Bri, 1/2 Sheet 5mm teal green acrylic to collect from PDL at 2pm please. Thanks G

Mon 14:43

NEW DEL - 39855 - Alpha Century / Bestique - Delivered to Alpha Century, 2nd Floor, 14-18 Great Tichfield Street, london, W1W 8BD

Fri 16:07

Hi Bri, On Monday can you let me know about the flight case and how long they said it was going to be? Thanks G

Thu 08:14

Hi Bri, Call in t PJ's as tey're not answering the phone. We need the centres for the Craven Heifer Job - POLY to collect anytime - Coll 1/2 sheet from PDL at 10am. Thanks G

Wed 08:08

Hi Bri, A few things today. Del to PJ Coaters / Collect from Ross Signs / Delv to Edinburgh setting off at around 12pm. See Fran. Thanks G

Tue 16:13

**DATE CHANGE** - 39663 - Zurich / Fresh Graphic / Monday 18th