Sunday 22nd October
Thu 11:35

Hi Bri 2x 3m x 2m sheets 5mm opal to collect from PDL Leeds at 1pm please. Thanks G

Wed 09:10

Hi Bri Can you collect frames from PJ s please. Ready to go. Thanks G

Tue 13:05

Hi Bri There s 10 bioxes sanding discs to collect from Cages ready. Thanks G

Tue 11:32

Hi Bri We have some material being delivered to us tomorrow that needs taking to %3A ADTECH SIGNS Unit 4 Little John Mills Oakhill Road Brighouse HD6 1SN. I ll let you know when we have the material. Thanks Graeme

Mon 14:59

Hi Bri MDF to collect from Garcross tomorrow AM. All organised. 6no 15mm sheets 8 x 4 Thanks G

Fri 08:36

HI Bri There s a del to Principles and del %26 col at WRA. Can you come up now please. Thanks G

Wed 08:44

Bri Can you pickup some 5A Glass fuses please see Ian. Thanks G

Wed 08:43

%2A%2AExhibition Stand to be finished by Thursday%21%21%2A%2A

Tue 08:41

The tray is ready at PJ Coaters. Ral7006 Brown ish colour. Thanks G

Tue 08:37

Hi Bri We have a del to WRA and a possible collection from PJs %28tbc%29. Can you also pickup a 300 White plastic screw cover caps please. Thanks G

Mon 11:43

HI Bri Can you take some large freestanding letters down to WRA please. Ready to go. Thanks G

Thu 10:18

This is a test from Clicky

Thu 09:54

There will be 5 sheets in total to collect. Thanks G

Thu 09:46

Hi Bri Can you collect 2no sheets of composite from Blackburns Ali at 11am please. Thanks G

Tue 10:20

Test Test Test

Tue 09:31

Hi Bri if you re free can you do a starbucks run please. Thanks G

Mon 12:55

Hi Bri there's a fire place surround to collect on Wednesday from nr Rochdale. Can you put it in the book please here's the details: All aspect All aspect roofing Burnley road east Limb Rossendale Bb4 9pq We' 9.45 collect 07866855059 All paid for. Thanks G

Fri 08:20

Hi Bri, Can you come up please. See Anthony about some flooring then see Fran about a collection from WRA. We'll have a Starbucks run after that then a delivery to Principles after dinner. Thanks G

Thu 13:08

**2Innovate have now paid. Can be sent by courier on Friday for del Monday AM**

Thu 12:38

**Jasmin Design - 2 Jobs - To be sent out on Friday by DPD for B410 Delivery Monday** BALANCE PAYMENT STILL TO BE CONFIRMED

Thu 12:37

**2Innovate Pallet CANCELLED**

Tue 15:09

Hi Bri, There's some poly sheets to collect on THURSDAY. You'll need a cheque. Thanks G

Tue 14:00

Hi Bri, There's some sanding discs to collect from Cages. Ready now, fine for tomorrow. Thanks G

Tue 12:52

Hi Bri, There's an oil drum to collect at 12pm tomorrow. Lauren, 60 bethel road, S65 1QX. Mobile: 07864393938. Then bring back here. Thanks G

Tue 11:01

Hi Bri, Can you do a starbucks run? G

Tue 09:49

If we can put off till tomorrow we will. Otherwise we;ll send on a courier. G

Tue 09:44

Hi Bri, We have a del to Butterfields. Ready to go at 1pm. Thanks G

Mon 08:58

Hi bri, There's some HSBC to collect from WRA this morning. Not much else at the moment. Thanks G

Fri 10:38

Hi bri, Will you do a starbucks run please. Thanks G

Thu 14:56

Hi Brian, good to go. Can you go to PDL leeds to pick up one Grey composuite panel. NOT BLACKBURNS. Definitely PDL. Thanks Graeme

Thu 14:35

Hi Bri, Just confirming with PDL but i'll likely need you to colleect a sheet of composite straight away. I'll get back to you as soon as they confirm they have the sheet. Thanks G

Wed 09:03

Hi Bri, Delivery to Huddersfield good to go. Also a delivery to WRA later today. I think you said the wooden posts were to collect today aswell. Thanks G

Tue 13:23

Hi Bri, There will be a delivery to Huddersfield tomorrow mid morning. Deanhouse Interiors. See Fran. Thanks G

Tue 08:35

Hi Bri, Will you get 4no 3m lengths on total please. Thanks G

Tue 08:25

Hi Bri, Can you pick up 2 lengths of timber please. 100mm sq, 120mm or 150mm sq wooden fence posts, 2no 3m long. They need to be straight. We're using this on our exhibition stand to help support it. No rush. Thanks G

Thu 08:18

Delivery to Set Square Staging (Surrey) for 7:30am tomorrow, then a collection near Camdon after 08:30. Just collecting a lightbox to bring back. It's in the reception. I'll make sure you have paperwork. Thanks G

Thu 08:17

Hi Bri, Can you come up here for 10ish please. Coll from WRA and del to Principles some point this morning. I know you're not free much this afternoon, so we'll either load the Van before 12 or at the end of the day. See Fran.

Wed 08:21

Hi Bri, We have a collection at WRA and a Delivery to Ossett later. See Fran. Also, the delivery to Surrey will be early'o'clock Friday morning, then a collection in the centre of London on the way about around 10am ish. Thanks G

Tue 10:54

Hi Bri, Can you come up please. We have a delivery and collection at WRA. Thanks G

Tue 10:54

Just a heads up, we also have a delivery to Surrey (4hrs30mins ish) on Friday. It may be Thursday, but likely Friday. FENDI - Set Square Staging. Thanks G

Mon 12:30

**GR38701 - 442 Design - Delivery address has changed. Clarity to be checked on D.DAY**

Fri 11:36

Hi Bri, If you've not been asked already, can you go to Vision On and collect a faulty 'Denim' sign please. Requested by James Hirst. Thanks G

Thu 09:12

Can you do a Starbucks run 1st please. Thanks G

Thu 09:11

Hi Bri, Can you pick up 1no sheet 18mm Standard MDF 8' x 4' from Jewsons please. Thanks G

Wed 10:18

Hi Bri, can you come here please. Got a del & coll at WRA. Thanks G

Mon 08:08

Hi bri, Collection from WRA a.s.ap now. Then delivery to Principles later today. Need the stuff back from WRA as quick as you can please. Thanks G

Fri 08:16

Hi Bri, Few things. Can you go get some paper suits (dust protection) for Trevor 1st thing please. Then collection from PDL 10am, and delivery to Principles (Ready). Thanks GRaeme

Thu 17:22

Hi Bri, Sheet of 3mm opal 030 to collect from PDL leeds tomorrow at 10am. Thanks G

Thu 13:24

Hi Bri, Cna you collect projection signs from PJ Coaters please. 15 in total. Thanks G

Thu 10:17

Hi Bri, Can you do a starbucks run now please? The van will be back by 11ish forthe principles run after. Can you ring Anthony to see if he wants anything. Thanks G