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Decorative Filament Bulbs

27th February 2017

Decorative Filament Bulbs

Decorative filament bulbs are becoming a growing trend in the lighting market. Bringing vintage back with a modern twist, these LED filament bulbs add a classic touch to any interior.

Statement bulbs like this are no longer limited to hipster bars and trendy hotels, becoming increasingly popular among many retailers, coffee shops and restaurants as their soft glow resembles ambient candlelight. The new range of vintage filament bulbs from We Love LED’s features a huge range of shapes and styles to fit every customer’s needs. We’ve picked out some of our favourites to give you a glimpse of our new collection.

LED Decorative filament bulb

The Elaina bulb offers style and convenience, the intricate LED filament pattern gives a great deal of quality light while maintaining the vintage style. Our LED bulbs will comfortably outlast traditional bulbs by 10x, making them much more practical for your clients and a perfect fit for the retail sector.

‘Bobby’ Large Decorative Squirrel filament Bulb

This tinted globe bulb is a versatile, dimmable statement piece designed as a decorative alternative to standard shaped bulbs. Adding a bold piece like this to an interior will not only add a vintage feel but also create an ambient, inviting environment. Find the perfect mix of form and functionality with these dimmable large bulbs can be used with flasher units and DMX systems.

E27 Golf Ball LED filament bulbs

If your client is looking for something a little more fun, try our colourful E27 Golf Ball LED filament bulbs which come in 5 vibrant colours with a copper detail base. LED filament bulbs like this give you the warm, soft glow of a traditional filament bulb, without the issues surrounding longevity and safety.

Arthur vintage LED filament bulb

Our Arthur bulb is a bespoke diamond shaped vintage LED filament bulb. A diamond shaped light bulb is a girl’s best friend, this low energy LED is durable and will last a long time. The soft diamond shape will add drama to any interior and act as a statement piece which works with existing fittings.

This is just a small selection of our vintage LED filament bulbs which come in all shapes and sizes to fit any project, find out more about us or take a look at our full range for more information.