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The Evolution Of Neon Signage

27th January 2017

The Evolution Of Neon Signage

Neon signs have been a popular accessory throughout modern history, their bright nature makes them stand out in any surrounding. Whether they’re located outside a bar, in a shop to grab a customer’s attention or as part of an installation, they have become a part of everyday life which we are accustomed to.

When neon originally became popular in the 20’s it was highly desirable, especially in the US where installations in Times square made this innovation popular amongst the masses. However, the durability of these pieces is questionable as a huge array of retired neon signage is now on display in the Las Vegas Neon Museum – a neon graveyard. Highlighting that although neon was an invention much loved by the masses, it doesn’t have the durability to last which makes it all but redundant in today’s culture. 


NeonPlus® LED Neon Sign Although neon is still a trend which is in high demand, especially as it has made a reappearance in recent years, it does come with its disadvantages. Along with longevity, durability is an issue as neon signs are often damaged in transit, meaning that they have to be recreated at an extra cost.

Neon can also be a potentially dangerous material. Its use of mercury means that any mistakes made after the tube is filled will cause the entire process to be started again, as breathing in heated mercury can cause long earth metal poisoning.

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However, the invention of NeonPlus® means that you no longer have to put aside your love of neon because of the dangers and strict regulations. NeonPlus® is a neon alternative, designed with the very best of British Standards to ensure a durable, long-lasting finish without having to follow strict regulations like with traditional neon. Powered by low voltage 12v and 24v LEDs, it is much more sustainable, reliable and durable than its earlier predecessors without losing the bright colours associated with neon.

Here at The Sign Group, we are dedicated to ensuring that all of your bespoke signage needs are met. Get in touch with one of our specialists today to find out more. NeonPlus® gives you the opportunity to design a sign which is personal to your business, take a look at our top signs of 2016 for more inspiration!