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Our Favourite Signs of 2016

16th January 2017

Our Favourite Signs of 2016

We had an amazing year last year in terms of orders, working across NeonPlus, We love LED’s and the Sign Group we produced a huge variety of bespoke signs for clients in varying markets. We’ve gone through our Flickr and chosen some of our top pics of 2016 to share our year of signage with you!

bespoke signage for the British standards institute

BSI – In our previous blog we talked about how proud we were to have received our CE mark from BSI for NeonPlus after going through rigorous testing.  After all of this hard work, we were thrilled when they came back for us to make a bespoke sign for them – we obviously made a good impression!

PGB LED sign with DMX controller for heavy goods

Heavy Goods – This colour changing sign was made for a local independent Streetwear company, their brief was for us to produce a sign which would make their brand stand out from the competition. We fitted PGB LED’s and a DMX controller which enabled them to change the colour of their sign at the click of a button, this added a new dimension to their signage and ensured that they could always keep their signage up to date and fit for purpose.

out of the ordinary sign made with NeonPlus®

Out of the Ordinary – This particular sign was made for a regular customer of The Sign Group, they were looking to get the Neon effect without the downsides that come with traditional neon manufacturing, our NeonPlus range was the first thing to come to mind when finding a solution to this. We went with a neon blue colour as it is a vibrant colour which stays true to traditional neon signage while being much more safe and durable thanks to our NeonPlus range.

The Sign Group signs made for Sign and Digital UK

Hearts – Making this sign was one of the most fun parts of 2016 for us, made to catch attention at our exhibition at Sign & Digital UK. Each year we make bespoke signs to showcase what we can do and how flexible our product range is. This year’s stand was the best by far – showcasing pieces from most of our ranges, it was a year we were particularly proud of.

Mantaray custom sign with NeonPlus®

Mantaray – When a popular high street chain came looking for a sign that would represent heir logo on a larger and brighter scale, we wanted to ensure we delivered the highest resemblance to their brand at the best quality. The paint job was particularly challenging to master on NeonPlus letters as there was so much attention to detail, but our experts got there in the end and we were pleased with the outcome, they looked really effective.


ice effect sign using a chamfer and gloss finish

SignLink Live – This sign uses all of the innovation in NeonPlus, including using a chamfer to the face of the letters and a gloss finish for the ice effect lettering. Made for our brand new exhibition in 2017 we wanted to use all of the techniques possible to ensure that we showcased NeonPlus at its best.

Here at The Sign Group, we cater for a wide variety of clients and no request is too much for our experienced team of designers and manufacturers. Take a look at our Flickr page for more inspiration, alternatively, get in touch with us if you have any specific questions and our team of experts will be more than happy to help you.