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Creating Eye-Catching Signage

20th December 2016

Creating Eye-Catching Signage

Signage, when done well, is a highly effective way to entice new customers and build brand awareness. However, as you may have seen from our Neon Sign Fails blog, there are some instances where signs have had the opposite effect. Here are some of our top tips on creating quality signage that will attract the right kind of attention.


The Sign Group Sign

The environment is key when considering good signage. Where is the sign going? Who will see it? What distance will viewers be from the sign? Many of these questions will influence the way you design your client’s sign and have an impact on its effectiveness. For example, choosing colours which will complement the environment will make the difference between the sign standing out and blending into its surroundings.

Text and Icons

NeonPlus signage

Typography is a key element to consider for an effective sign. Varying sizing, fonts or bold vs neutral characters can help to pick out the main message, while keeping things simple will stop the sign from becoming overwhelming. Using limited text creates a bold, eye-catching design which will grab attention without confusing the eye. Icons are useful in portraying a quickly recognisable message through signage, using an icon or image alongside or instead of text will add an interesting visual element which will instantly speak to your client’s target audience.


Full colour NeonPlus sign

Choosing colours which will help your sign to stand out in its environment is essential, whether your sign is indoors or outdoors. Using colour as a way to attract attention is a key thing to consider in good signage. Contrasting colours will make the colours pop and add a wow factor. NeonPlus® comes in 8 static colours, as well as RGB illumination options, so whatever colours your clients want, there’s a NeonPlus® solution.

Less is More

NeonPlus star

Using blank space gives the sign breathing room and allows the message to jump out at viewers. This is especially effective with NeonPlus® as the contrast between light and dark will make your sign pop, and the contrast will last far longer than with traditional neon.

Overall, using signage effectively can be quite a challenge. Considering things such as the environment, colour and message of your sign beforehand will help when you come to choosing it. Our bespoke designs give you the flexibility to design a sign which is exactly right for your client, take a look at some of the work we’ve done for previous trade customers now.