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Get your business ready for Christmas

29th November 2016

Get your business ready for Christmas

As I write this, there’s only 26 days left until Christmas. That’s only 26 days to get all your presents bought and wrapped, order your turkey, write and send all your Christmas cards, and everything else you’ve got to do!

With so many businesses closing up for part of the Christmas period, there’s a lot to prepare for your company to. Follow our quick checklist to make sure you’re prepared!

Put up your Christmas displays

You don’t have to go for a full-on Santa’s grotto effect, but festive displays and signs can help you spread a little extra Christmas cheer! It’s also a good way to showcase some seasonal ideas to your customers, who may be inspired to purchase some Christmassy signage for their own business.

Organise your staff do

Your staff have been working hard all year, make sure you’ve got something booked to reward them! Even if you can’t book the venue you were thinking of this close to the big day, there’s no excuse not to have a bit of a party to celebrate the last year.

Make time for customer service

If you’re feeling busy this Christmas time, imagine how busy your customers are! Taking some time to go the extra mile for customers now will pay off big time in the new year. When your customers are stressed and have deadlines to meet, they’ll appreciate you making things easier for them, and remember you next time they need something.

Check your security

Your premises are going to be unattended for a longer period than normal, so now’s the time to make sure your security is fully up to scratch. Test your burglary alarm and ensure all expensive equipment is locked away out of sight, or you could return to a nasty surprise once the celebrations are over.

Confirm your Christmas opening hours

If you’re closing up shop for the Christmas break, make sure you’ve told everyone about it. You don’t want customers ringing up and getting frustrated when you don’t answer, or suppliers bringing deliveries when the building is closed. Don’t forget to tell your staff too, or they could be standing outside in the cold waiting for you!

Get those pre-Christmas orders

Reduced opening hours will affect your lead times and those of your suppliers, so make sure you get those pre-Christmas hours in early. Give your most important customers a ring to see if there’s anything they’ll need over the festive period, rather than waiting for them to come to you. You can do this when you’re letting everyone know your opening hours, and kill two birds with one stone. You never know, you might get some extra orders out of it!

If you need any signage before Christmas, get in touch now.