Kittens outside the Sign Group offices

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Now in stock at the Sign Group

21st November 2016

Now in stock at the Sign Group

We’ve had an unexpected delivery here at the Sign Group!

As Phil, our caretaker, swept the yard this morning, he heard a noise… Rushing into the workshop he told us he could hear strange noises coming from behind the containers. As usual with Phil’s tales from the yard, we took it with a pinch of salt and carried on with our work.

However, Barry was a little more curious than the rest of us and he decided to investigate. He stepped out into the yard, standing still and quiet for a few seconds, he heard the noises too!!

Looking underneath the containers, he couldn’t see much past the small mounds yet to melt from yesterday’s snowfall . So he clambered over the stores of bubble wrap and pallets down the side of the container and peered down the back.

There he found staring back up at him, 5 little balls of fluff. 5 kittens!

With a little bit of persuasion (in the form of Whiskas cat food), we managed to coax them out.

Our new kittens tucking into some WhiskasKittens outside the Sign Group offices

How cute are they!?

Since discovering the kittens, we have also found their proud Mum who seems to be doing a brilliant job of raising them alone, an inspiration to all single mothers out there.

We’re chuffed to bits to welcome Barny, Bingo, Biscuit, Bubba and Bones and of course, their Mummy, Phyllis, into the Sign Group family.