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3 amazing music albums with neon covers

7th September 2016

3 amazing music albums with neon covers

Surprisingly, there are loads of cool albums covers out there inspired by neon lights. At The Sign Group we love music and, of course, anything to do with awesome signage (especially neon). Here are 3 amazing music albums with neon covers…

Blur – The Magic Whip

The Magic Whip is the first album released by Blur in 12 years! In 2015 the neon ice cream and traditional Chinese words spelling ‘fuzzy magic whip’ were thought up by Art Director Tony Hung. He fused the band’s frontman Damon Albarn’s travels around Hong Kong, various paraphernalia from his travels and his personal love of neon city lights to create this amazing album cover:

album cover

Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

Canadian indie alt rock band Arcade Fire released Neon Bible way back in 2007 – but the album artwork has stuck with some people ever since. It even won the Juno Award for Best CD/DVD Artwork Design of the Year (a really big thing in Canada in the mid 00s!). The use of neon was actually heavily praised by Rolling Stone Magazine and it was named one of the top five albums of the year.

album cover 2

The 1975 – The 1975

The 1975’s self-titled debut album featured a hipster-cool white neon sign on a black background – starting a mini trend with neon. All song titles on the back were emblazoned with neon. It was all going well until…the band went on a social media blackout and took away all their photos on their social media channels. It turned out to be a really effective PR stunt as, instead of black and white neon, all profile pictures and branding was replaced with bright pink neon. This signaled the release of their second album.


album cover3

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