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Episode 3 ‘The Old Man Strikes Back’

31st August 2016

Episode 3 ‘The Old Man Strikes Back’


In a Galaxy far, far away an owner of a small sign company decided to visit the Sign & Digital Exhibition with members of his staff to hunt for the Perfect Sign.

One month earlier…

The owner of the business who we will call Obi Wan was a sign-master of the industry and supplied a great service to local retail establishments providing them with their every display need. But on one visit to Alderaan Street he came across a seller of intergalactic sweets who needed a New Electric Optical Neutral sign…we will call it Neon.

This was no challenge for Obi Wan.

However, the customer also wanted the sign to be low voltage in order to please his overlords by reducing his carbon footprint. Obi Wan thought long and hard and turned to his young apprentice, Luke, and asked him to search the galaxies to solve this problem. After what seemed like a light year of Google searching, Luke came across The Sign Group who were exhibiting their products at a pre-arranged destination.

Luke decided he should meet face to face with this band of artisans who had captured and tamed NeonPlus®. He discussed with Obi Wan and they decided they would travel across the galaxy to a large planet in the Milky Way called Birmingham and visit the NEC where this NeonPlus® and many other products were on view.

Obi Wan and his 3 staff members, Luke, Hans Solo and Chewing Tobacco boarded the Millennium Falcon which they had managed to hire from Enterprise and travelled many light years to the NEC.

Upon entering NEC, they found a chamber called Sign & Digital UK which housed many purveyors of products which could improve the services they offer to their wider customer base.

They wandered the Sign & Digital chamber and noticed at the far side, a glow of bright light pulsating and changing colour as they apprehensively walked towards it.

They had found NeonPlus®.

After chatting with Princess Lydia they discovered not only the show stopping NeonPlus® but many other delights which The Sign Group could offer them in their pursuit of the perfect sign.

The moral of this story is ‘Never settle for what there is. Search for excellence’.