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How to get in touch with your creative side

19th August 2016

How to get in touch with your creative side

At The Sign Group we’re always tapping into our creative side. We’re constantly buzzing with ideas and creating innovative solutions. But how do we find inspiration in the first place? Well, we have a few brilliant tricks up our sleeve on how to get in touch with your creative side. They’re easy to adapt into your everyday routine and they’re actually really fun!

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Doodle whenever you can

Doodling is one of the most underrated ways to get creative…and one of our favourites! The cognitive benefits of doodling are numerous. This includes aiding memory, honing concentration, relieving stress and encouraging the creative flow of ideas. Whenever you have an idle moment, just start doodling and see what you come up with.

Keep a notebook by your bed

As well as helpful for remembering your crazy dreams, keeping a notebook by your bed can help you sleep well. Write down your to do list for the next day, your worries and some solutions to those worries. This is an effective way of transferring your thoughts from mind to paper so you can relax for the night. And it encourages your creativity to flow, as you’re encouraged to come up with answers for tricky situations.

Take your notebook everywhere

Inspiration strikes at the most random moments, so it’s important to carry a pen and notebook with you wherever you go. The notebook can be a tiny, pocket-sized A7 notebook with an Ikea pencil or a big A4 notebook – it just depends on what’s easiest to carry around on a daily basis.

Make something from a video tutorial

Getting hands on with the help of a video tutorial can help your creativity levels soar. Whether it’s a new recipe or a new skill such as leatherworking, using video tutorials helps you focus and channel your creativity into something productive. The fact you’re achieving something can spur you on to be even more creative in future projects!

Join an art class

Painting, drawing, creative writing, clay modelling – the choice of artsy hobbies is almost  endless. Take up one of these to improve your creative skills and maybe make some new friends along the way.

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