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Why do an apprenticeship?

17th August 2016

Why do an apprenticeship?

Fun fact: Three of our team were initially employed through an apprenticeship with us and now they’re working here full time (and they love it)!

But why should you do an apprenticeship in the first place? In a nutshell, you get to learn through hands-on experience and you actually get paid for it. There are so many advantages as to why you should do an apprenticeship – we thought we’d list a few of them right here!


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Earn qualifications on the job
Our apprentice sign maker positions include specific tasks reinforced by the local college, so they can work towards achieving an NVQ Level 2 in Signmaking. Apprenticeships are a brilliant way to save time and money – you’ll be learning while you’re working so you don’t have to go to college and hold down a part time job at the same time.

No experience necessary
It seems most job ads these days want people with a couple of years experience. But with an apprenticeship this isn’t necessary. When we look for fresh faces all we ask is they’re computer literate, prepared for practical work, basic maths / English skills and generally a decent person to get along with. That means apprenticeships are perfect for school leavers aged 16 to 18 years old.

Earn while you learn
One big bonus of doing an apprenticeship is you’ll be earning while you’re learning. You can expect to earn £132 per week at the very least for a full time apprenticeship. It may be a low wage but you’re getting paid to be trained for a potentially guaranteed place in the working world. There aren’t any training fees to pay – the money you earn is all yours to keep.

Full support
Both the employer and the college involved in the apprenticeship will fully support you throughout the experience. They’re training you to both learn something new and get a job at the end of it – unlike university. You’ll be on the job with experienced professionals, so you’ll always have a mentor around in case you get stuck.

Treated like an employee
During your apprenticeship, you’ll get paid holidays (and usually bank holidays off!) because you’ll be treated like a normal employee. Not only is this financially beneficial, but it can greatly boost your confidence in the world of work. You’re entitled to at least 20 days off which can be useful for studying, going on holiday with friends and generally just recharging your batteries.

We’re looking for two new faces to add to the team! If you’re interested in becoming an apprentice for The Sign Group you can contact us here.