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5 Products Made In Britain!

22nd July 2016

5 Products Made In Britain!

The British manufacturing industry made up 41% of the economy in 1948. But a few years ago, in 2013, this fell to only 14%. But never fear, there are plenty of British companies out there who are still going strong as ‘the 14%’ and we’re one of them! Check out these amazing company who are proud to offer products made in Britain…

  1. NeonPlus®

That’s right! NeonPlus® is made right here on the good old British Isles. As the brainchild of The Sign Group, NeonPlus® is an environmentally friendly alternative to neon. Actually, we think it’s even better than neon because it’s cheaper to run thanks to the low voltage 12v & 24v LEDs it uses. It was even a finalist in the British Sign Awards 2015!


  1. Kent Lasers

This company creates high powered lasers that can cut through glass, acrylic, paper, card, MDF and plywood. Kent Lasers is a fine example of a company producing British made products. They provide incredible machinery for the education, design and manufacturing industries. Each laser cutting system is manufactured in the UK and they’re a keen advocate of providing jobs for people in their local community.

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  1. Circle and Line

Circle and Line designs and creates furniture from scratch in the UK. The company employs skilled carpenters to craft each piece of furniture and sell them through its dedicated retail network. Benjamin, the firm’s highly skilled designer and craftsman, has 15 years experience alone as a professional cabinet maker. Circle and Line is defined by talent and hard work, making it one of the best British manufacturing companies out there today.

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  1. Henry Watson’s Potteries

Henry Watson’s Potteries is the classic example of a traditional British manufacturing company. Established in the early 1800s, the company create and supply beautiful kitchenware such as store jars, teapots and spice jars. The products themselves come in a range of style from classic to contemporary. The team specialise in gifts for the home and can even provide bespoke items.


  1. Trove Wallets

Not just the home of pork pies, Melton Mowbray is home, Trove Wallets is a true British company. The staff only make leather goods in small batches in their workshop in Leicestershire. TROVE covers everything from the actual crafting of the wallets right through to branding and packaging.


Do you love products made in Britain? Join us at NeonPlus® and take a look at our fantastic work.