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5 Reasons Why LED Filament Bulbs Are So Fabulous

30th June 2016

5 Reasons Why LED Filament Bulbs Are So Fabulous

At The Sign Group, we’re passionate about our work. We’re always looking for the latest in lighting technology. One of our favourites is the LED filament bulb. Here are just 5 reasons why LED filament bulbs are so fabulous…

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1. 88% cheaper to run

When you turn the lights on you want to illuminate the room rather than heat it up. But, guess what? With incandescent bulbs you’re effectively wasting electricity on heating up the room as opposed to lighting it. Typically, incandescent bulbs are 20% efficient, meaning they use 80% of the electricity just heating up the room. On average, LED filament bulbs are around 88% cheaper to run than  than incandescent bulbs.

2. Reduces carbon footprint by ⅓

That’s right – LED filament bulbs can cut carbon emissions by as much as a third! This is because they don’t contain any toxic chemicals, unlike traditional bulbs that may contain mercury or other poisonous substances. You can recycle an entire LED filament bulb but you might have to wait a while because they last a very long time…

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3. Lifespan of 20 years

Leaving an incandescent bulb on all day, every day will result in just a 3 year lifespan. But if you leave an LED filament bulb on 24/7 then it lasts an average of 11 years – that’s 100,000 hours! If you just keep it on for half of that time it could last as long as 22 years. An LED bulb that’s in operation for 8 hours per day should last around 22 years. Now that’s money-saving!


4. Ideal for heavy outdoor use

LED filament bulbs are low voltage and work in very cold or very hot temperatures. This is especially helpful if your business is situated abroad in countries where it snows a lot or is constantly hot. The components of an LED filament bulb are extremely robust and can take a battering without so much as a mark. They’re also shock resistant (handy in earthquakes). Thinking about it, it’s also very good for UK businesses considering the the unpredictable nature of British weather!

5. Low UV

UV rays can cause a whole host of problems. But LED filament bulbs are very low in UV light, so they’re perfect for businesses with light-sensitive objects such as fabrics, museum artefacts, furniture and books. Choosing LED filament bulbs essentially protects your business!

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