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Lucozade Neon Sign Removed After 60 Years

17th February 2016

Lucozade Neon Sign Removed After 60 Years

An iconic Lucozade neon sign has been taken down and replaced with a large digital screen – much to the public’s dismay.

The neon sign was installed in 1954 in Brentford, West London and removed last month. The internet has created a dedicated campaign to bring back the old Lucozade sign and over 6000 people have signed it.

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Hounslow Council planning officials are currently investigating whether JC Decaux, the new sign’s owners, have broken planning rules by replacing it with a digital alternative.

Guy Lambert, local councillor, stated: “It’s not just people in the area who are very attached to it [the sign], it’s recognised by millions of people as a landmark telling you you’re coming into London. It would be very sad if it was replaced by generic advertising.”

The Twitter community expressed confusion and annoyance at the disappearance of their local landmark:

“Bring back Brentfords Iconic Lucozade Sign. NEARLY 7000 SIGNATURES, LOCAL COUNCIL RAISE AWARENESS”. 

“Bring back Brentfords Iconic Lucozade Sign. Remove the Hideous digital advertising board”.

“I’m upset about the fact that the Lucozade sign in Brentford was replaced with a digital screen. I liked the Lucozade sign”. 

“Richmond to see Mum today. Very sad to see ultra cool Lucozade sign on M4 replaced with boring digital display”. 

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