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Neon Signage

13th January 2016

Neon Signage

Neon is a very powerful medium and for many it signifies signage. It’s uses range from installations on a scale that light up an entire city like Las Vegas, to smaller signs that represent shops or bars.

Neon emits light from within rather requiring illumination. They are lighted by long luminous gas-discharge tubes that contain neon or other gases and they release different colours depending on the element contained inside.

French engineer, Georges Claude invented neon. He patented the invention which taught the use of other gasses including argon and vapours of mercury to extract more colours than could be produced out of neon gas alone.

Neon signage remains high in demand and is rapidly continuing to grow. However, as of 2020 the use of mercury will be completely banned by the Minamata Convention, due to the restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Regulations 2012.

Due to this there needs to be a refined alternative, which leads on to the development of a more modern arrival on neon’s illuminated stage, known as NeonPlus.

“NeonPlus is told comically and very creatively on the company’s website but the facts and the outcome of its originators efforts are remarkable in and of themselves. Developed by The Sign Group, based in Morley near Leeds, NeonPlus achieves some of what neon itself achieves – but it takes its own medium forward and ahead by defining its own space somewhat off the stage neon commands. NeonPlus owes nothing to Claude except maybe the provision of the creative stimulus need to try to do something better”. – Very kind words from Sign Link!

NeonPlus replicates neon using specially developed LED light tubes and controllers, which offer numerous benefits including using less power, longer life capacity and contains no hazardous materials. It comprises novel machined assemblies fabricated as only a well equipped sign craftsman knows how, and skillfully designed and installed LEDs to illuminate those assemblies from within.

The colour in the NeonPlus world is a dialed-in value. Whatever colour is possible for RGB light to emit when mixed, can be achieved with NeonPlus. With a few tweaks, NeonPlus will give you the colour you require that is not necessarily available anywhere else.

NeonPlus is something any sign-maker can buy, at a trade price. If you visualise a design, however unusual it may be, chances are it can be made.

If you’re interested in finding out more about NeonPlus, visit our website or for further information, read the interesting article written by Sign Link.