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The World’s Most Iconic Signage

16th November 2015

The World’s Most Iconic Signage

Lets take a look at five of the World’s most famous signs!

Welcome to Las Vegas

The Welcome to Las Vegas sign located on Las Vegas Boulevard South is a famous landmark which was erected in 1959 and stands at 7.6 metres tall.

The iconic sign was designed by Betty Willis, which she never copyrighted as she considered this her gift to the city. This resulted in the image being used on many Las Vegas souvenirs. In 2013, the sign was finally added to the list of registered historic places in the state of Nevada.


Hollywood sign

The Hollywood sign was erected in 1923 and was originally a business sign built to advertise an upscale housing development called ‘Hollywoodland’. The sign is renowned for being featured in many films that took place in California. Although it has been refitted and redone a number of times, this sign is without a doubt one of the most famous signs to ever be created.

Route 66

Route 66 is possibly the most famous highway in the World and was originally a 2,400-mile highway connecting Chicago to Santa Monica. Since 1927 the historic black and white signs have marked the route. The highway existed until June 27th 1985 when the Interstate Highway System replaced it in its entirety.


Chicago Theatre

Chicago’s Theatre sign has been in place since 1921 and has become a landmark in itself, often appearing in films and TV shows as a recognisable feature of Chicago. This brightly lit sign stands at about 18 metres tall, so you are able to see it easily from Chicago’s State Street. Many tourists actually associate the sign with the city itself.

Penny Lane

Located in Liverpool, the Penny Lane sign is one of the most photographed signs in the world. This is where John Lennon and Paul McCartney grew up and where they would meet to get the bus into town. After the release of their iconic song ‘Penny Lane’, signs of this name became constant targets of theft, which led to Penny Lane being painted on the bricks above where the sign stood.


Create a sign for your business and you never know, people could be talking about your sign for years to come!