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Signage Design Tips

3rd November 2015

Signage Design Tips

Creating signage is a fun and creative process, which allows you to experiment with colour, design and layout. In order to achieve great results, be sure to create an eye-catching sign using bright colours and vibrant imagery, whilst effectively communicating a clear message.

Here at The Sign Group, we know exactly what goes into creating a successful and effective sign; therefore we thought we would share some of our top tips!


Selecting the right colour combination is vital when creating a successful sign. Research suggests that 60% of the time people will decide if they are attracted to a brands message, based on colour alone.

It’s essential to understand the psychological effects colour might have on your target audience before you design your signage. The majority of fast food restaurants include similar colours in their branding and this isn’t a coincidence. Take McDonalds for example, they use red, which triggers appetite and hunger, and yellow, which triggers feelings of happiness and friendliness. The colours also work extremely well together and the logo is recognisable for miles.

Less is more

Less is more when it comes to signage. You only have one second to grab someone’s attention, therefore it’s important to keep your messaging short, clear and to the point. Too many words can be distracting on the eye. Try the 3×5 rule and do not use more than three lines of text of five words, or five lines of text of three words each.


Ensure you choose simple fonts, which are easy to read, this way your message will be delivered clearly and effectively.

Consistent branding

If you already have an established business, make sure your branding is effectively emulated through your signage. This way your customers will instantly recognise your brand.