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Quick Turnaround, Quality Materials

23rd October 2015

Quick Turnaround, Quality Materials

Whether you require laser cut letters or CNC machined shapes, we offer them all and everything in-between.

Here at The Sign Group, we stock over 45 standard colours and materials, covering 90% of everyone’s needs. However, if you do have specific requirements, that’s not a problem as we can easily source thousands of others!


Advantages of using The Sign Group:

  • A ‘Rush’ service is available – Most orders can be completed within a couple of days if required. We can also offer a same day dispatch on certain items depending on the workload on that day.
  • Charge by the minute instead of quarter, half or full hours – Most basic jobs can be finished well within the hour; therefore we quote each part of the job down to the minute. For example, if the work takes 42 minutes, you will only be charged for 42 minutes, not rounded up to the hour.
  • You are unique! – We respect that you have your own way of doing things, and you might want to be involved with the manufacture of the job. If you want us to do the whole job, that’s great, but if you don’t need a paper template for example, that’s completely fine. You will only be quoted for the elements you use from us.
  • We are just as happy being a backup as we are being your main choice – Don’t be left wanting more from your current trade supplier and feeling like you don’t have any other options. We are here to help, and if means us being your back up, we’re happy with that.

If you have any current requirements, please email or call our friendly team on 0113 25 24 706.