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Top tips for branding a new company or business

18th June 2015

Top tips for branding a new company or business

Think of your clients’ businesses as a living, breathing beings. The work you complete it’s an extension of their passion for the industry they’re in and has to reflect the values and culture of what they believe. The only way you can help your clients express this to their customers is through their brand.

What a brand should be

For a brand to be a reflection of a company’s values and beliefs, you need to discover what drives their business, what its targets are for the future, and how you can help design and fit their business to reflect this brand. By thinking about long-term goals, you won’t simply follow current trends and you’ll help develop a brand with longevity.

You need to understand what exactly it is that your clients want to reflect to their customers. This should be quality and emotional attachment. Help develop and create a brand that people perceive as being something they can’t live without; a household name.

In order to do this, you need your clients to give you a solid company mission and how they want to achieve this mission through their brand. Understanding what kind of benefits they offer will enable you to achieve this goal more easily.


Being different from competitors

Do your research and see what everyone else is doing. There’s no harm in imitating others, especially if what they’re doing is working. However, make sure it works for your clients too and put your own spin on it. A company that is doing well will already have an established brand; trying to copy this will only portray your client as a cheap imitation, not a serious competitor.

As well as seeing what competitors are doing well, try to see where they could improve and what they’re doing wrong. This is your opportunity to jump in and challenge areas that they’ve simply ignored.


Brand exposure

Ensure that you put your client’s logo out there; get it on everything they relate to their company. Whether they’re a shop front or an online store, getting the brand messaging across through logos, taglines, signs, and social media. They can use these platforms to create a voice for their company and it’s that voice that will be what customers hear and relate to.

Be consistent; this will show a level of reliability to your client’s customers and they’ll thank you for it further down the road, when other companies have failed at brand consistency and it’s their company that people remember.

Once you have all this in place, don’t forget to contact us to help you produce your client’s brand signage. The quality of their appearance reflects their company’s culture, along with strengthening both their and your brand.

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