Saturday 22nd July
Fri 09:39

Hi Bri, just checking.... did Graeme tell you to go to HPC this morning? Let me know, Lydia

Wed 11:14

Hi Bri, Delivery to Replan ready anytime now. See Fran. Thanks G

Wed 08:19

Hi Bri, Can you come and pick someone up and take them to collect the old van please. See Fran. Needs a.s.a.p! Thanks G

Mon 11:09

Hi Bri, Can you collec the refrigeration unit up from HPC in Elland please. Will fit in your car if that's easier. Thanks G

Fri 08:19

Hi Bri, Delivery to Principles ready to go. Anytime today. Delivery to Equinox sometime this aft, see mum. Thanks G

Wed 10:34

Hi Bri, The job to Bristol will be ready to go at 11. Thanks

Wed 09:26

Hi Bri, We have a delivery to Bristol today, just waiting on the balance payment. Likely to be within the hour with the sign ready to go by 11. I'll let you know as soon as payment is sorted. Thanks G

Tue 10:36

Sat nav Stuff: Use the Smartnav online service here by entering your username and password:- Your username is: gwkx465578 Your password is: qaee465578

Tue 08:07

Hi Bri, Del & Col from Replan 10am today. Delivery to London for 7pm tonight. Thanks G

Mon 14:16

Hi bri, There'll be a delivery/collection at Replan in the morning. Take some stuff we've cut, and pick up some stuff they have a problem with. About 11ish.*They're closed 12:30-13:15. Thanks G

Mon 08:27

Hi Bri, Halifax Fan is confirmed for today now. See Fran. Thanks G

Mon 08:25

Hi Bri, We have a del to WRA, del to Halifax Fan (TBC) and the van needs a thorough clear out as the new van is being delivered to us today. There's be a starbucks somewhere in the mix aswell. Thanks G

Fri 11:06

MDF is ready any time after 12:30 to collect. Thanks G

Fri 08:18

Hi Bri, Collection from PDL 09:30!!, then del to Harrogate, Col at WRA, Del to Principles TBC, Col from Lawcris TBC. Thanks G

Thu 14:38

Hi Bri, We have a delivery to Harrogate on Friday AM for 10-11am. Thanks G

Thu 09:56

I've added 1/2 sheet 3mm black to the order from PDL. Just so you know.G

Thu 08:24

Hi Bri,There's a del and coll at WRA. Ready to go. Collection from PDL after 10:30 for 1/2 sheet acrylic. There'll possibly be a delivery to Harrogate this aft but we're waiting on payment. Thanks G

Mon 14:08

Hi Bri, Sanding discs ready to collect. Either this aft if you have time or tomorrow morning. Thanks G

Mon 13:13

Hi Bri, There's some poly to collect. You'll need a cheque £148.03 inc vat. Ready now. Thanks G

Mon 09:17

Hi bri, Can you do a starbucks run please. We'll have some sandpaper to collect later on, just checking their stock. Thanks G

Fri 09:48

Hi Bri, Wehn you've been to Amari can you go straight to PDL. I'm placing an order now. Then come back. Thanks G

Thu 15:15

Hi Bri, Copper composite to collect from Amari Leeds tomorrow (Friday) 10am. Thanks G

Thu 08:09

Hi Bri, 8 x shutter ply (as before) from Jewsons then deliver to my house. Collection from Lawcris after 10am (2no MDF sheets), bring back to work. Starbucks before dinner. Delivery to WRA later today, t.b.c. Thanks G

Wed 08:22

Hi B, Del to Blacks now and a del to Principles about 10-11. Thanks G

Mon 08:10

Hi Bri, There's a collection from WRA then a delivery to Principles later. See Fran. Thanks G

Fri 09:02

Coll WRA - Coll Jewsons - Del Graemes House - Col Starbucks - Del Principle (Maybe) - Del Set Square (Surrey)

Fri 09:01

Hi Bri, Can you come up please. Few things to do and delivery down south later today. See Fran. Thanks G

Thu 15:21

**NEW DEL ADDRESS - Scanstick - Fanatics 37565 - Stubbs Mill, Piercy St, Manchester M4 7HY**

Thu 11:53

**DATE CHANGE** - AVIA Signs job NEW D.Day Wed 28th on an AM del!!

Wed 13:14

Hi Bri, We have some stainless letters to collect from PC fabs in the morning 1st thing please. Will fit in a car if needed. Thanks G

Mon 13:15

also, there should be a logo you've brought back from GeeTee. Can you bring that in when you're back please. Thanks

Mon 13:14

Hi Bri, When you're back there's a delivery to Principles. If there's time i might ask you to drop the wheelibine back off at my house. Thanks G

Fri 13:40

Hi Bri, Can you come up and go get me a gas bottle please. You'll have time to do this before going to principles. See me when you get here. Thanks G

Fri 09:26

Hi Bri, After the 1st batch of bolts are collected and dropped off, there's some stuff to take to WRA, then to collect the other bolts from Precision. There's a del to Principle mid afternoon. Thanks G

Thu 15:13

Hi Bri, Some 150mm allthreads to collect from B&D Bolts tomorrow at 10am. These are more important than the other fixings, can you get these 1st and bring back here before getting the others please. Thanks G

Thu 13:58

Hi bri, Fri 10am there's some machine screws to collect from Precision Fixings down Churwell. Thanks G

Thu 08:27

Hi bri, Can you come up please. See Fran. Thank G

Fri 13:01

Hi Bri, Delivery to Northamptonshire Monday morning. We want you away for 8ish. We'll load the van today so you can go early if you like, just speak with Fran. I'm not in Mon/Tues. G

Fri 10:52

Hi Bri, Can you come and do a starbucks run please. By the time you've done that we'll know if there's a delivery to Northampton today. It's likely there will be around dinner/early aft. Thanks G

Fri 10:23

Geetee - Pizza Hut White Rose. The bolts are due Tuesday from B&D Bolts. Ring them AM to find out a time. We will direct deliver to the customer on Friday 15th 8am.

Fri 09:47

***Made Up 'Heart' due to be ready at p/coaters on Monday. ***

Thu 08:14

Hi Bri, Can you go to PJ's and collect a curved backtray please. Thanks G

Wed 10:09

Poly ready to collect. You'll need a cheque. Thanks G

Wed 08:11

Hi Bri, Collection from PJs & PC's all in one trip (Tops & Hanwa) straight away. Then PDL straight after, then Styrene collection (t.b.c). Thanks G

Wed 07:43

Hi Bri, There's probably some poly squares to collect from Styrene this morning. I'm waiting on them getting back to me. This can be done after you've come back from PDL. I'll let you know. Thanks G

Wed 07:42

Hi Bri, Acrylic to ccollect from PDL at 10am this morning. Just 1/2 sheet 5mm Dense white. Can you bring straight back to wkr please. Thanks G

Fri 08:20

Hi Bri, Can you come up please. We have some stars that want painting in house if you're up for it. I'm out after 9 and need to explain to you if poss. Nothing much else today. Thanks G

Thu 08:20

Hi Bri, There will be a del to Principles a bit later on. Nothing else at the moment. I'll let you know when the Principles stuff is ready. Thanks G

Wed 12:44

HI Bri, Can you collect from PJ coaters at 2pm please. COuple of trays. Thanks G

Wed 08:18

Hi Bri, We have a delivery to Principles this morning. Ready now. Not much ele at the moment. Thanks G